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Income Insight℠ – An innovative and instant income estimation model, Income Insight is a statistically sound and empirically derived estimate of a consumer’s income.

Debt to Income Insight℠ – Debt-to-income ratios are commonly used in mortgage lending. Leverage this powerful and instantaneous analytic from Experian to also mitigate risk within your credit department. Built using the empirically and statistically sound Income Insight℠ income estimation model and market leading credit attributes.

Single Credit Infile – Choose the desired repository and create a customized list of key attributes for an accept/reject decision

Origination & QC:

TRV® Services – Income & ID data sourced from the IRS & SSA using the 4506-T. Customization options are virtually endless. XML & web services are available for delivery. Below are the standard reports in the product line.

  • TRV® Report: Summary report displaying 9 of the most often utilized lines from the IRS transcript. When the first page of the applicant’s tax return is forwarded with the order, an audit is conducted between the IRS data and borrower’s supplied data. Differences are noted on the report.
  • TRV® Transcript Services: A report containing a cover page with the taxpayer’s ID information and IRS transcripts appended
  • TRV® TotalTIN: A report verifying a taxpayer’s TIN (taxpayer identification number: SSN, EIN, ITIN) with the IRS & SSA using the 4506-T
  • TRV® Custom: Work with our product development team to integrate TRV into your workflow.
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SSV CONFIRM – Solution to verify a borrower’s name, SSN and date of birth directly with the Social Security Administration. This product type is required to fulfill portions of Fannie Mae’s LQI.
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Social Search – Search over 200 million consumer records for information on your borrower. Information includes: addresses, all known SSNs for the consumer, aliases, demographics, employer, inquires and a Fraud Shield summary.

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