Mortgage & Real Estate Verification Solutions

NCS provides credit reporting, independent verification, risk mitigation, flood zone certification, e-Signature solutions, and equity services for the Mortgage and Real Estate Markets.

Mortgage industry participants can rely on NCS to provide the most efficient, auditable, compliant, and innovative mortgage lending tools currently available to mortgage professionals.  NCS guarantees our “beyond the expected” service covers our most complex solutions to our most simple functions. 

We pay special emphasis in getting the simple tasks right.  When you place a call to our customer service department, your call is answered 99.3% of the time on the first ring.  NCS does not utilize an automated call system.  You’ll find our staff friendly, experienced and able to quickly answer questions or efficiently place you in the hands of someone who can.

NCS is keenly aware of the regulatory environment both we and our clients now operate within.  The CFPB’s enforcement of Dodd-Frank rules, Fannie/Freddie rules, and institution regulators such as the OTC and OCC are pressing those under their jurisdiction to know and vet their vendors.

Credit Reports

Quickly assess an applicant’s creditworthiness with decisioning trees, risk scores and powerful customization tools.

NCS clients enjoy benefits such as;

  • Innovations like “”
  • A well-executed and seasoned tri-merge credit report format
  • Efficient and caring customer service assisting your consumers during a tradeline update/supplement
  • Access to credit reporting services via all popular LOSs
  • Undisclosed debt monitoring and other risk monitoring/reduction services

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Tax Return Verifications (TRV®), Employment and TIN (SSN, EIN, ITIN) Verifications

NCS provides its clients better insight and processing functions into these commonly utilized services to help our customers close more loans.

This solution set is a manually fulfilled group of products.  Personnel from the IRS, SSA and NCS work together to fulfill each order.  The experience NCS has attained in working with these agencies for so many years is paramount to the success of our solutions.

  • TRV - Industry leading 4506-T acceptance rate with the IRS
  • TRV - Fast turn-times utilizing multiple IRS resources throughout the US
  • Employment – Cascading product accesses multiple workplace databases and then completes a manual VOE if needed
  • Employment – all VOEs comply with GSE guidelines
  • TIN – All TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) types (SSN, EIN, ITIN) can be verified directly with the issuing source, i.e. the IRS or SSA.
  • TIN – Consumer authorization for the verification is provided via the IRS form 4506-T or SSA form, SSA-89.

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Risk Mitigation/Fraud

Investor buy-backs can have an obvious devastating effect upon an organization.  The FBI estimates more than 80% of mortgage fraud is committed with the collusion of an industry insider.   A balance of risk mitigation tools with origination efforts to sustain a solid pipeline of loans is how we want to help.  NCS’ solution set for risk also assists servicers and investors.

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Property Valuation and Flood

NCS has partnered with the top firms in our industry to pull together a solution suite for property valuations and verifications.  AVMs, BPOs and a great solution for desktop appraisals round out NCS’ valuation suite.  NCS has access to two sources for flood determinations to best suit the client’s needs.

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Equity Courthouse Services

NCS’ Courthouse Service Division has over 25 years of experience in the states of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Florida.  NCS excels in provide “beyond the expected” service for our current owner searches, deed searches, superior court searches, tax status and more.  NCS specializes in managing batch projects. 

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To speak directly with an NCS representative, call us today at 800.582.7066.  Our Service Associates can provide a demonstration and custom proposal for your firm within 24 hours or less.


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