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Validate a Social Security Number with NCS' SSNV Solution.

NCS’ SSV (Social Security Verification) is a verification of the social security number (SSN) utilizing the consumer consent form, SSA-89 and the Social Security Administration’s CBSV (Consent Based Social Security Number Verification) service.  NCS conducts quality control upon each request prior to submission to the SSA.  Results are posted in less than 2 hours. 

 solution may be utilized in multiple industries/participants, such as:

  • Mortgage Finance
  • Consumer Lending
  • Employment Screening
  • Healthcare
  • State Housing Authorities
  • Secondary Market

    Mortgage Lenders: Utilize NCS’ SSV solution for compliance with certain Fannie Mae underwriting rules (Loan Quality Initiative).  Fannie Mae customers must utilize the Social Security Administration to verify the validity of a SSN to the consumer if they; (a) do not pass delivery edits, (b) receive a SSN verification message within Desktop Underwriter, or (c) fail the validity test of a third-party SSN validity tool.

    NCS’ SSV provides this verification to the lender/benefit provider and relieves the burden of enrollment, enrollment fees, etc. associated with participation in the CSBV program.  Additionally, combining SSV with other NCS solutions unifies product invoices and aids compliance with multiple regulations.

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    NCS’ SSV SOLUTION IS NOT APPROVED, ENDORSED, OR AUTHORIZED BY THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION.  No language within NCS’ online presences, social media messaging or marketing assets are meant to construe a relationship between NCS and the Social Security Administration above NCS’ participation within the SSA’s CBSV program. NCS (National Credit-reporting System, Inc.) is an active and vetted participant in the SSA’s CBSV program, by which entities request from the SSA a verification of the SSN holder’s name, date of birth, and SSN.

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