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Thoroughly understanding an employee's background provides not only possible indications of future performance, but also an added layer of protection for the employer. Current judicial precedent sides against employers facing negligent hiring suits due to an employee’s action against a third party. A 2001 report by Public Personnel Management found employers have lost over 79% of negligent hiring cases. Additionally, many recent industry studies place the average settlement for a negligent hiring lawsuit at nearly $1 million.

Employment applications frequently contain false or distorted data, which can result in hiring the wrong person for the job – or more damaging, a potential security risk. Industry statistics overwhelmingly support this potential threat:

  • It’s estimated $994 billion was lost by U.S. Corporations due to occupational fraud in 2008.
    Source: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Thirty percent of small business failure is attributed to employee theft
    Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Statistics on applicants embellishing their work histories, “…estimates range from 40% to 70%.”
    Source: Society for Human Resource Management

Through NCS’ “Collaborative Consultation” program, our product specialists will work with your team to develop the most efficient and cost effective product mix for your organization. NCS’ online platform allows your HR department to enter the applicant’s information once and order a custom mix of solutions with a single click. NCS’ solutions enable you to:

  • Check national and state criminal databases
  • Determine credit worthiness and overall level of responsibility
  • Confirm employment and education history
  • Verify identity, address and DMV records
  • Check sex offender registries
  • Prescreen applicants online with automated decisioning

Hire the right talent while protecting your profitability, employees and clients. For a custom quote on our Employee Screening services, contact NCS today.

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