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In addition to income, identity and credit intelligence, NCS offers one of the industry’s most advanced employment verification solutions - VOE CONFIRM.

With VOE CONFIRM, clients submit their employment verification requests through our secure website. NCS conducts the necessary research and verifies the employment information. Results are e-mailed within 24-48 hours, verifying clearly whether the employment information provided is accurate.

NCS’ VOE CONFIRM closely mirrors Fannie Mae’s 1005 form and allows for customization of the questions asked by the NCS interviewer. VOE CONFIRM might also be customized to coincide with a request for the applicant’s W-2 IRS transcripts.

Attain multiple benefits using VOE CONFIRM:

  • Better validate ability to repay
  • Help ensure overall loan quality
  • Verify employment information accuracy quickly and easily
  • Clearly document the determination process for audit purposes
  • Speed up the origination process with an easy-to-understand format and expedited delivery

Verify their credentials and better protect your assets – contact NCS today for a custom quote.

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