Mortgage & Real Estate - Credit Reporting

Real NCS associates conducting customer service and seasoned industry veterans performing true consultative services set NCS distinctly at a distance from the disconnected automated voice attendants of many organizations. We maintain close business relationships with your associates for quick, accurate resolutions to questions and difficulties.

Access NCS’ consumer and commercial credit reports in real-time through your loan origination system or directly from the NCS platform.

Our industry experts are available to aid in formulating key actionable attributes available for display within the credit report or the client system. Assess an applicant’s creditworthiness quickly with decisioning trees and powerful customization tools.

  • Merged credit reports
  • CreditXpert solutions
  • Prescreening services
  • Updates and verification requests completed with a mouse click
  • Soft pull inquiries
  • RMCRs
  • Undisclosed liabilities report
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Verify their credentials and better protect your assets – contact NCS today for a custom demonstration.

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