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New risk mitigation tools such as Income Insight for auto loan lenders and full-service, onsite committed NCS sales representatives for auto dealers separate NCS’ consumer credit reporting offerings and customer service from competing sources.

NCS has everything needed to screen applicants and assess credit risk with comprehensive auto credit reports. Supported by all major credit bureaus and sub-prime products, NCS tools help you gain insight into any applicant, and structure the ideal pricing. Tap into new markets with intelligence reports and risk mitigation products to further enhance profitability.

These are just some of the ways in which we support automotive lenders:

Consumer Credit Reporting – Gain instant access to consumer and commercial credit bureaus, and sub-prime reports to make decisions

FICO Expansion Score – Predict auto credit worthiness when little or no credit data is available

Income Insight℠ – An innovative and instant income estimation model, Income Insight℠ is a statistically sound and empirically derived estimate of a consumer's income.

  • Meets Credit Card Act’s requirement to assess a borrower's "ability to pay"
  • Complies with FCRA and ECOA
  • Delivers an estimated income figure as opposed to an income range
  • Assess all income sources including wages, investments, alimony and rent
  • Is built using bureau-exclusive predictors and verified income data

Debt to Income Insight℠ – Debt-to-income ratios are commonly used in mortgage lending, but now you can leverage this powerful and instantaneous analytic from Experian to also mitigate automotive lending risk within your credit department. Debt to Income Insight was built using the empirically and statistically sound Income Insight℠ income estimation model and market leading credit attributes.

  • Determine the consumer’s capacity to acquire new debt
  • Select the type of debt (1st, 2nd mortgage, etc) used within the model

Decisioning – Automate your process with prescreening and decisioning combined with our Web application to eliminate costly reports, allow direct-to-consumer applications and save time and money

RouteOne – Accelerate automotive lending with access to over 50 lenders through RouteOne, the same system developed for Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Toyota

Sub-Prime Reports – Search public records, civil filings, utility history and banking history, e.g., bounced checks and NSFs

Driver's License Scan – Use our driver's license scanner to scan any driver's license and automatically populate the application. The image is even stored for later identification in future transactions. The scan might also be used in conjunction with a multitude of verification products.

Verify Applicant – Easily complete this critical process with both instant and manual tools, as well as real-time products that validate or even correct data as you type.

Trade-In Assessment – Access the NADA Vehicle Pricing product, trade-in value, retail value and other information in seconds

NCS can combine any and all of these tools into an auto credit report solution that's a perfect fit for your needs. Contact us today for a free demonstration.

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