About NCS - TRV® Alliance Partners

NCS offers two distribution channels for end users to obtain TRV Services & SSA CONFIRM:

  1. Direct - Purchase services directly through NCS
  2. Wholesale - Purchase through a trusted reseller, a TRV Alliance Partner.

Purchase NCS’ TRV or SSA services through the trusted credit reporting agency (CRA) you may be using for credit reporting or appraisals, etc. This is a great opportunity to bundle required credit-reporting services together through the agency with which you currently maintain a relationship. By taking advantage, you'll be able to use the same representative, quickly contract for TRV or SSA CONFIRM and further consolidate billing invoices.

Formed in 1996, the TRV Alliance Partner network is a partnership of consumer-reporting agencies authorized by NCS to resell its TRV Services. TRV Alliance Partners comply with applicable state and federal law and must meet NCS' further qualifications.

See below to confirm your consume-reporting agency’s participation in the network. If you don’t see your credit agency, contact us directly. Our development team can work directly with you or contact your CRA for interest in membership.

Wholesale and Correspondent Lenders:

TRV Alliance Partners are well positioned to help drive more business to you.

NCS' TRV Alliance Partner network of consumer reporting agencies are largely credit-reporting agencies your brokers and bankers currently utilize for credit reports and other ancillary services. Instead of requiring your customers to contract 4506-T services with yet another vendor, offer them the opportunity to collaborate with the TRV Alliance Partner CRA which they've already contracted for services. Your customer places the order for a TRV Service and you can easily and securely retrieve the TRV Services of your choice directly through the NCS website or partner with NCS to create a custom delivery solution via web services.

The TRV Alliance Partners network is a great distribution channel for TRV Services, allowing ordering and delivery processes to be streamlined for a more cost-effective and efficient workflow.

Credit-reporting agencies interested in becoming an approved TRV Alliance partner may call 800.582.7066 or complete our online form here.

Alliance Partners

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Newport News, VA 23606

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Kennesaw, GA 30144

Chicago, IL 60661

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