About NCS - Information Services

Since 1978, NCS has offered advanced information verification services to professionals in consumer lending, mortgage, real estate and other industries. A private and family-owned company, NCS adheres to Christian principles contained in the Bible that govern and strengthen our relationships with our employees, prospects, clients, and business partners.

NCS continues to develop information from an expanding number of qualified resources and combines that information with a level of service that is beyond the expected. The results provide a substantial benefit to our customer's products, services, costs, operations and profitability. This level of service and our quality results have made us a leader in risk reduction services. In addition,we earned the distinction of being the first organization ever to offer IRS and SSA income and TIN verification nationwide back in 1994.  NCS continues to offer this risk reduction service in Egg Harbor City, NJ (located centrally in the Northeast). 

NCS is home to the original TRV® Services, recognized and accepted by Fannie Mae®. We provide TRV Services to credit grantors/lenders through two channels:

  1. Retail - NCS offers TRV Services directly to the End User.

  2. Wholesale End users obtain TRV Services through an authorized reseller, or TRV Alliance Partner. For a listing of Alliance Partners, click here.

NCS also offers our Courthouse Service product line through the same retail and alliance partner channels. If you’re an end user searching for equity courthouse services, or you’re looking to resell such services, click here.

Our strong bond with our customers stems from our commitment to deliver cutting-edge solutions and superior support, while ensuring adherence to integrity, government parameters, and consumer trust. The NCS family ownership is continually thankful to our loyal customers and most importantly to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for our continued success.

See how NCS can position your organization beyond validation – contact us today for a free demonstration.

The NCS team was very patient
with  me when we were having
fax problems.  They even allowed
me to use a ‘private’  fax number
and let me call  3 to 4 times a
day checking on my orders during
our issues.  Then they suggested
I use their on-line service for my
orders – very helpful.  I appreciate
the hard work the NCS team does
in assisting with my transcripts
ordering. Thanks to ALL!
- Denise - Loan Processor


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