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Since 1978, NCS has offered advanced quality products and services to organizations nationwide. While we specialize in support for financial service institutions, NCS also assists companies in other industries – such as mortgage/real estate and consumer lending – that require information verification services.

Our information verification solutions are specialized for the target industries below – customized solutions that foster greater accomplishments with significantly less investment and per unit cost.

General Benefit Providers – Hospitals, lawyers, housing authorities, employers and numerous other entities with permissible purpose greatly benefit from our income, identity and information verification services. Collecting information straight from job, loan or benefit applicants is a good first step in measuring risk or making an approve/decline decision, but you then need a third-party like NCS to provide independent verifications of the information before you can make an informed decision.

Banks, Credit Unions and Other Consumer Lending Institutions – NCS has the distinction of being the first organization to offer 4506-T services (TRV® Services) nationwide, and continues to set the bar for solutions that help financial institutions survive and thrive. 4506-T services are a simplified and expedited method of validating loan applicant information. The deliverable is a report that's easy to understand and incorporates an IRS transcript. The report highlights incongruences between the data from the IRS and that which the applicant provided.

Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals –In a tumultuous industry with increasing fraud, mortgage and real estate professionals trust NCS to reduce risk, speed up processing times and maximize portfolio strength. The vast majority of mortgage industry fraud occurs because an industry insider commits the fraud. As a neutral third-party entity, NCS minimizes fraud risk by providing reliable, independent verifications.

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